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MD Rabbi Alam: Dr. Juhdi Jasser - A House Muslim Nut-Case in USA, mis codded Million American March to Million Muslim March - 08/28/2013

Posted by MD Rabbi Alam on August 28, 2013 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

MD Rabbi Alam: Dr. Juhdi Jasser - A House Muslim Nut-Case in USA, mis coded Million American March to Million Muslim March


Pic: Juhdi Jasser (House Muslim) – Mis-Coded the "Million American March Against Fear" and propagated as "Million Mulsim March"


Press release and media advisory:

MD Rabbi Alam

Candidate, United States Senate' 2016

Founder, AMPAC

American Muslim Political Action Committee



Kansas City, Missouri,

MO, USA, 08/28/2013


On August 19, 2013 Dr. Juhdi Jasser appeared at the National Fox news with Sean Hannity show and told Mr. Chris Phillips, Director of MAD - Marching Against Drones & DC organizer of Million American March Against Fear (MAMAF) that the Million American March is a circus and also AMPAC and rest of the other groups all are problematic. Jasser along with Fox News mis-coded the Million American March Against Fear to "Million Muslim March"


On an official statement, Mr. MD Rabbi Alam, founder of AMPAC said we "Denounce Terrorism and any type of violence, including nut case like House Muslim Jasser" We condemn Jasser and fox news as well as this corporate media outlet and individuals like jasser are legally responsible and liable for incase if anything happens due to the facts that their Propaganda and Anti-Islamic bigotry as well as Anti-Islamic prejudices and Islamic-Phobia.


MD Alam invites all Americans to stand with him and AMPAC and with many other peace loving Muslims and non-Muslims alike and organizations to join on 9/11/13 for the Solidarity of Peace, harmony and Justice. Alam hopes this Million American March was hijacked by Fox news and mind setup nutcases like Jasser and completely mis-represented to American people. MD Alam believes if today still Malcolm X would alive he would definitely call this nutcase as "HOUSE MUSLIM"..


on 9/11/13 the March and grand Memorial for those who lost their lives and to show respect to the families who lost their loved ones and people this is NOT a Million Muslim March at all, indeed, it is MILLION AMERICAN MARCH AGAINST FEAR. My prayers your heart will find about the truth and finally I am asking House Muslim Jasser - Do you realize that AMPAC is a new organization since July of 2013. If you don’t have enough information, you can tell you don’t know but never lie to American People. AMPAC is here to provide a great helping hand to build a multi-cultural community along with the 7 Million Peace loving Muslim in America. Please don’t lie to American People. We are not radical, we do not believe in violence but peace and we will keep marching until people like you start telling the truth or the mass American people find out the truth.


See this is Million American March Aagainst Fear on 9/11/13 *******


How Jasser and Fox Mis-Represented to American People as Million Muslim March:

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